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Are you a Business Owner?

Long time sponsor and game day volunteer Karina Bridges if offering SDRC members and supports some value add for their employees.

The Employee Benefits Program is a free service, offering your valued team member access to professional home loan services at no cost.

Employee Benefits

Overpaying just .75% on a $ 700k loan costs $ 5,250 per annum – that’s essentially a payrise!

  • Free 15 minute Home Loan Health Checks
  • On-site individual consultations
  • A strategic refinance could save your employees $ 1,000’s per annum, which is like a payrise!
  • Convenience, time and cost saving of having us come to you

Employer Benefits

Enhance your Employee proposition by offering a ‘value add’ service that delivers tangible benefits, at no cost:

  • Minimise down time of employees researching home loans on work time
  • Save your valued team member the time, cost and hassle of running around researching finance options
  • Help employees balance work/life commitments by enabling them to arrange finance during work hours
  • Let us come to you and provide professional services at no cost

Special Refinance offer

As a special offer for our extended SDRC friends, Blueprint Financial Services will pay the exit* fee from your existing lender on successful refinance to a cost saving solution.

Call Karina on 0439 536 674

* valued at $ 350, does not include fixed rate break fees

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