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Over many years from St George Rugby Club, Port Hacking Rugby Club and the amalgamated Southern Districts Rugby Club we have had the honour of a long list of players who have worn the national colours and played for the Wallabies. We applaud each and every player and pay homage to our heritage as a great club with a long history.

May the list continue to grow as we see our young men come from the village clubs, into the colts programme, into grade rugby on the pathway of international success.

We are in the process of validating the information in this new initiative so please bear with us as we work hard to check the data.

Brandon Paenga-Amosa

Lopeti Timani

Kane Douglas

Rob Horne

N M Cummins

G T Shepherdson

N J Henderson

M S Rogers

Scott Bowen

P N Kay

M A Harding

J E Coolican

P W Lucas

G K Pearse

J K Lambie

B R Battishall

O G Stephens

R Graham

B D Stumbles

Stuart Macdougall

T V Casey

E Magrath

Graeme Macdougall

J K M Lenehan

O G Fox

A R Morton

Herb Barker

E T Stapleton

A S Cameron

J M Stone

B G Schulte

M Clifford

M E Rosenblum

W H Cerutti

Bruce Judd

H E Bryant

D B Carroll

H A Judd

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