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2020 Colts Program & Direction

From Todd Louden - Club Head Coach

In 2020 a renewed focus will be placed on the Colts Program. The Colt’s competition is often cyclical and a fresh approach and development plan is designed to level the dips in performance cycles from year to year and build a strong foundation. The process is not a short-term fix, but will create sustainable success over time.

Recently, we have selected a Colts Management Committee including Keith Holmes and Dave Chesterfield. They will oversee the holistic colts program and build strong management systems, resources and culture within the colts environment. Greater focus will also be directed on renewing and developing a stronger pathway with the Junior Clubs and associated Schools.

University of Wollongong

As part of a strengthened partnership, the University of Wollongong will be providing 6 sports science students specifically assisting the sports science needs of the Colts program. 


A greater number of Coaches, Speciality Coaches and Managers will be appointed to focus on the specific game elements and player positional specific development. This new approach for the club will move away from the traditional two-coach system to ensure that accelerated player development occurs in 2020 and that the Colts receive the intensive coaching they deserve.


The Colts Coaching Team will be part of a larger Coaching group for the entire club and report to the Club Head Coach and operate under the Club Playing Frameworks and Game Model. This will mean that senior Top Grade Squad Coaches will assist and coach Colts throughout the season.

Colts and Grade will not be segregated, but spend greater time developing under a holistic club system and game model, starting with the off-season program JEDS – REDS – SEDS for 20 weeks.

In season we will see the Colts train and develop with Grade through "All Club Unit Training" on a Wednesday Night and "All Club Integrated Skills Coaching" once a week. The entire club will be split into House Groups to compete in integrated games and events throughout the year.

The 2020 objective is to modernise the on-field performance and development program across the club.

Volunteer In the Colts Program

In the modern era of Sydney Premiership Rugby it takes a lot of hard work and many hands to be successful and sustainable and share the load. We welcome anyone that wants to be part of a dynamic and holistic coaching team.

It’s important for all players intending or considering to play Colts in 2020 attend the Information day the 29th September @ the club starting at 8.30am. The season will be outlined and important dates announced.

This will be the official start of the 2020 season.

Our theme and mantra for the year is self-explanatory.

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