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An update from Todd Louden

Hello all,

I am very excited about sharing this club update. The last two weeks has been a whirlwind as I have attempted to meet and talk to as many players, members and supporters as possible. Players if you see an odd number come up on your phone ending in 098 it is me, and not a telemarketer trying to sell you something :-). Members and supporters if you see me wandering around looking lost – stop me and introduce yourself, as I want to get to know all the great people that make Rebel Rugby what it is. 

2020 Objectives

  • Design and Implement "Competition Best" Player & Coach Development Program
  • Modernise Club Coaching Operations, Playing Frameworks and Performance Structures specific to Club
  • One Club - Drive Club Championship Improvement – it is not about one player or one team but rather the improvement of the entire club with a focus on building a strong foundation from Colts up
  • Strengthen and develop the Clubs Pathway by building stronger links and collaboration with Junior Clubs and schools

The following is a quick update of some of the exciting 2020 season preparation and organisational arrangements put in place the last two weeks.

  • New All Club Player Development Program put in place for the Off-season & Pre- season
  • The old Coaching Office turned into a theatrette for interactive team meetings
  • New on-field training systems
  • New In-season One Club Training Structure
  • Updated Club playing Frameworks and game model
  • Coach Retention & Development
  • Player Retention & Development
  • Coaching and Management Teams
    we are very close to finalising the 2020 Coaching Team, which puts us well ahead of most Clubs in the competition
  • Season broken down into key periods and plans
  • Off-season Session Planning
  • Off-season Life Skills & Social Events Planned
  • Extra gym resources acquired at Foreshore and Offsite
  • Pre-Season Plan – drafted
  • Trial Season Plan – drafted
  • Modernised coaching operations and frameworks
  • Internal Coach Workshops planned
  • Colts Information day 29th September 9, 2019 from 8:30am
  • All Club Off-Season Information Day 1st October (time TBA)

If you want to know more detail, please come along to the information days above.

Players, it will be worth your while to come along to the meeting and get a feel of the very different type of training structures and events in each of the periodised seasons.

We are also looking for some coaches and managers to get involved in a dynamic team environment. We are aware it is a big commitment so we are placing coaches and managers into larger teams so attendance and time management can be dispersed and managed.

Looking forward to meeting you all in the coming months and 2020.

Todd Louden

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