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A Club Update


The whole club has shaken off the Christmas and New Year cobwebs and the boys are back in town and going like a Bat out of Hell at training.

Back to training testing has shown the players have followed their Christmas and New Year training and weight programs and some players are performing at Super Rugby levels.

Watching training last night in 40 degree temperatures I noticed that the players are fit and strong and you can see the game structure understanding and implementation is starting to gel but the biggest take away for me was the mental toughness of the whole group to block out the conditions and focus on the drill they were doing and getting the maximum benefit for their efforts.

There was plenty of effort, positive and encouraging talk, emotional support and not one mention of complaining or suggestion that it's too hard.

The biggest focus by Head Coach Todd Louden in the pre season has been player welfare and making sure players are hydrated to get through training on these hot nights.

Players are tested on arrival on their levels of hydration. They pee in a cup which is analysed and any player not within the safety levels is sent to the naughty corner and not allowed to train until he gets his hydration levels up and retested.

Players have been doing this from day one and last night only 2 players failed which shows that the players are understanding that if you don’t drink water during the day at the right levels you will not be training.

The hardest working team is the Hydration team filling up the water bottles and the 30 mil cups of Hydralyte (our new sponsor) that players take at every break which is an oral rehydration solution that is scientifically formulated to help replace fluid and essential electrolytes that players lose when training.

A big Rebel Yell to all who help ensuring fluid is ready when the players need it as it's probably the most crucial role at the moment.

It's a very powerful message in what is happening at your rugby club and why 70 plus players, grade and Colts, and another 20 plus JEDS (Junior development squad) and parents turned up in 40 degree heat and trained the house down for 2 plus hours.

I have commented previously about players playing for their jersey and I think the following explains what that means.

A couple of weeks ago I put out a request for help for furniture and household items for one of our Souths houses we are setting up and as usual the support was overwhelming.

We now have the the house set up and players have settled in and I would like to thank everyone who offered assistance.

We will be looking at another property or 2 in the next month or so and we will need your support again so thanks everyone. As usual you were fantastic.

We take the responsibility of supporting Grade and Colts players we invite to join the club very seriously.

The Colts players parents in particular have entrusted their sons Rugby future with Southern Districts and in some situations we need to help find players work. We currently need work for some players, even if its casual work.

We have 3 grade players looking for the following work:

  • 1 is an Electrician
  • 1 is a nearly qualified carpenter
  • 1 is happy to do anything but has a background in helping troubled youths and teachers aid but will do anything.

We also have a Colts player desperate for a 1st year carpenter apprenticeship.

If anyone can assist or advise who to contact, please contact Brett Gallagher the club GM on 9522 5533 or myself on 0413 819 345.

All players have work CV if needed.

Also, any players, (Colts or Grade) or anyone who wants to be involved in any capacity and be a part of an exciting progressive rugby club in the best competition in Sydney then also please get in touch.

Regards and thanks to all

Keith Holmes.

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