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A Great First Up Colts Training Session

Last night....... the 2020 Rugby season is finally off and running.

If player numbers and enthusiasm from players, coaches, trainers and support staff are any indication, we are in for a great season. If last nights Todd Louden training program is just the start, then no club will be fitter or better prepared in 2020.

About 90 players were at training including 40 Colts which is an excellent result considering players are in the middle of HSC exams.

Training started off with all players having their weight recorded with body scan photos, Colts training gear was then handed out and then it was on field sessions, finishing off with a tough gym session. A lot of new training structures were introduced plus hydration management. Some players have been known to drop 2kg in weight during training so hydration is a critical component of player wellbeing.

There is so much to learn, so players need to attend every session, even if they are injured. Also a reminder that with this strong base of rugby talent, competition will be strong for starting spots.

Well done everyone and we do it all again this Thursday and Saturday.

Anyone interested to join are more than welcome to come along.

You won’t be disappointed in what is happening at Southern Districts rugby club.

Keith Holmes

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