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"What's Doing" with Marcus Carbone

As many of you know, our 2019 captain, Marcus Carbone has been ruled out for the season. Coming at a difficult time with 3 away games and a few losses on the trot, we thought we would ask him whats doing!

Tough outcome indeed for you Marcus. Can you tell me what happened?

In the game against Warringah, we were attacking the try line. I was carrying the ball, when one defender went low and the other came over the top. Unfortunately my leg was caught in the ground and when I twisted, my ACL and MCL both ruptured.

Was this knee a freshie?

Funnily enough the last injury which put me on the sideline was the same MCL on my other knee. That was in May 2016. I guess the only  positive is that I still had the brace and it saved me a couple of bucks.

What is the go with Surgery?

The unfortunate thing about rupturing both ligaments is I need to wait for my MCL to get right before I can get surgery on my ACL. Surgery is booked for the 1st of July.

What does recovery look like for you?

I have a solid 9 months of recovery before round 1 next year, I am positive it will turn out fine. I still have the desire to play more rugby for the club so I will be diligent with my rehab to ensure that I am back next year fitter and stronger than ever.

What are you up to now that there is no rugby?

It’s a hard transition going from training full time to nothing. I love the game, so it was a tough pill to swallow. Fortunately I’ve found other ways to stay involved. I am helping out first grade with line out coaching

Word is that you have stepped in with the colts, tell me about that?

Yes, I have put my hand up to assist colts with coaching. They are our future and the more time we invest now, the stronger our club will be in years to come. They are great group of young men with a lot of potential. I am relishing the opportunity to work with them.

How do you fit it all in being a full time lawyer in town?

Yes, it is busy, and now I’ve also volunteered to represent the players at the judicial hearings for citations. It’s a great experience for a young lawyer and it’s also an awesome way to give back to the club in an avenue that doesn’t involve playing.

Might we see you on Favourite Son Hill anytime soon?

You'll definitely see me there at some point. 

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