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An Update from Head Coach Todd Louden

After 5 intense weeks of the new All-Club Off-Season development program, the 6th week was designed as a reboot, a change up from the physical skills and games program, in the form of Challenge Week.

Challenge Week involved Strongman events, club bonding, a Beach session, some aerobic testing and rounded off with speaker Joel Curtis form Endeavour Wellbeing talking about Mens Mental Health during the Life Skills Session.

The buzz and purpose amongst the players who consistently attend the 3 sessions a week is great at the moment. The understanding and bond of the One Club approach is starting to be realised with Grade and Colts intermixing and learning from each other and is the most pleasing aspect of the program.

The improvement in both the technical and tactical skill acquisition of the players has surpassed the Coaches expectations for this period with the players thirst to learn impressive.

However, there is still a long way to go to modernise our on-field performance standards, habits and playing ability in line with the competition norms which some state is the best semi amateur rugby competition in the world.

Our very young Colts group are working hard and will develop over the season. This group of young men are the future of the Club, providing we can keep them together. Most of them will spend three years in Colts with the third I suspect culminating in success as this is when they will be 20 years of age and will be physically, technically and tactically ready to dominate the competition. Most of the successful Colts teams are predominantly 20-year old’s and this year will be a steep learning curve.

Like our Colts, the Grade players are learning what it will take to be successful. The time demands and extra sessions are immense for amateur rugby players in the Sydney Premiership if you wish to be successful. A number of our older, experienced players are up for a big tilt across all Rebels teams in 2020 as they want to achieve something whilst at the Club. The saying 3 sessions won’t cut it – resonates through all our internal player communications. The 3 + Club has been invented with players doing all their extras outside of the formal sessions often together, or keeping track of each other.

On the coaching side we have pulled every element of our game apart and reconstructed it. We have changed the way we coach and teach, and we have updated our coaching and game style to which we believe will be unique to the Rebels, a handful for our opposition, but most importantly suit our players. Like the players, the Coaches old and new are thriving in a learning environment.

It is too soon to make a prediction on the 2020 season as there is a lot of accelerated development and modernisation of the program and playing style to be completed. The one thing that can be said is the players who are consistent are developing quickly and the playing base will be very unified.

Often as a member or follower of the Club, it is hard to know what is the best way to support the club? A simple thing you can do to support the players and the Club is follow us on Social Media and forward on the posts and news. Spread the word and the love. In this digital world, strong cyber communities attract sponsors and partners.

The club's community is one of the its strongest assets and we hope that you can join us in showing the competition in 2020 our Rebel Pride.



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