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Colts Final Update 2019

The first phase of the 2020 season training program is finished after a tough 7 week training block and the players now take a well deserved 3 week Christmas break and return to training on 14th January 2020. No longer will we say “next Year” when discussing the 2020 season and whilst the season start is still months away soon it will be weeks away then days away very similar to Christmas which is now upon us.

Todd Louden has bought a total refocus and rebuild of our rugby program and NO club will have a better program and NO club will have the level of testing and data collection to help each player become a fitter and physically stronger player. University of Wollongong Sports Science Department is assisting with this data and each player on his return to training will know the level they must be able to meet so they will have to train in their break on a program put forward by Jarryd Knapp our lead S&C trainer who has worked at State of Origin team level.

The game structures and playing style have been completely revamped and a lot of the training with ball in motion has been built around Implementing these changes and the players learning and adapting. Some really exciting rugby is going to be on show with attacking structures never seen in club rugby and all I can say is we will be attacking with the ball and attacking without the ball.

One of the main points of difference I have seen in this training block is the emphasis on defence and out defence structures and communication and understanding of each players role in the Rebel Wall. Jack Gibson the first NRL Super Coach said that if your defence is spot on the worst result you will get is a nil all draw and back this up with uncompromising physicality will make Fortress Forshaw an uncomfortable place for opposing teams.

The players have totally bought into Todd and his coaching teams vision and there is a real trust between players and coaches that they are on the right track to make 2020 season one of the best in the clubs short history. Southern Districts started 3 or 4 weeks before all the other clubs and have been doing 3 sessions a week plus players are expected to do an extra session per week

The players have been ripping in with full contact and scrums and line outs with Colts and Grade training together which has been brilliant and all part of the “One Club” = “Won Club" mentality. Players from 3rd Colts to 1st grade together have been getting stuck into the hard yards shoulder to shoulder and the Colts players have relished the opportunity to learn from the seniors players experiences and I am sure the senior players have enjoyed having the grommets trying to knock them over. 

The Colts players have been training at a pace and intensity that can only help them during the season and they know they can compete with the big boys and this will only help them when they play against their own age group and it’s been a great success as a club to have all players training together.

Well done to the coaching and S&C and management group, there are a lot of moving parts to make each training session run smoothly and a big rebel yell needs to go out to the board who have been supportive of the changes which will set the club up for the next 10 years.

Lastly a great effort by the 60 plus players who attended each training session and if they saw no value they would not keep turning up and putting in maximum effort in very tough summer conditions. The colts players have had to mix in their rugby with study for HSC and the exams, work requirements and Schoolies and this has caused inconsistency with their training attendances as we expected with their schedules and priorities but their efforts on the field and in the gym have been phenomenal and cannot be faulted and we are averaging over 20 Colts players per session and there is defiantly something brewing for a great future of the club.

Colts rugby is great rugby and anyone who has not had a day at Colts needs to do themselves a favour and come down and watch. You won’t be disappointed!

Sydney Colts Rugby is the best u/18s to u20s competition in world rugby. It is very well organised and run. If your dream is to play for the Wallabies, or to use your footy to travel the world or to simply play rugby with your mates then come down. You will be encouraged and mentored to be the best you can be. Your rugby mates will become lifelong mates in social and business circles. 

This is the true spirit of the game of Rugby Unions and a the real difference versus Rugby League. Get down to Forshaw Rugby Ground on a Tuesday or Thursday night and ask for Keith or give me a call or email.

We have 3 sides that play every Saturday so you will get a game and be part of a group of young men who are motivated to play for their team mates, their jumper, and their club. We get to do it all again on the 14th January where the bar will be raised and then raised again and again and again.

Merry Christmas from Jayson and the Colts group and we all look forward to seeing you all at Fort Forshaw in 2020 and we definitely will be ready.

Keith Holmes 0413 819 345

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