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Colts Update November 2019

Colts are now into week 3 of the Off-Season Program. It will continue to run until Christmas and in early January we start the Pre-Season Program. Each stage is unique. As we move through the program, there is an emphasis on variety, a mix of training types and techniques that come together as a "whole of rugby approach". Currently there is a focus on weights, building power, building strength and player weight management. Having Jarryd Knapp as our lead Strength and Conditioning trainer is a huge plus. He brings laser focussed expertise, especially having worked with the NSW State of Origin teams for 3 years. 

Jarryd and Todd have put a lot of energy into our Off-Season Program and players are starting to see the benefits of their effort. Each training session, all players sign in, weigh themselves and repeat this at the end of training. All data is recorded for monitoring and analysis. We also want to make sure players are hydrating properly and are testing this at training. We want players to put in maximum effort when training and ensuring their hydration is monitored and balanced.

Todd Louden has bought a lot of Sports Science to the training program. Last week we had over 90 people attend the Susie Burrell Nutrition seminar held at the club. It was extremely informative and highlighted the need to manage nutrition through the week, incorporating proper hydration to get through the training and game day, reduce the chances of soft tissue injuries and keep you off the injured list.

The players are responding positively to the program and are getting into the swing of how training is run. Having Colts and Grade training as one is bringing the club together. Because of numbers Colts do their Rugby Athletic Development weights session at Transform 40 Gym at Caringbah. It's a fantastic training facility and I would like to thank SDRC management for organising and funding the sessions at this first class facility. A big Rebel Yell to the players and coaches for always leaving the gym clean and tidy and respecting the facilities. 

Each week players are nominated for recognition of their training efforts. Colts trainers of the week for the last 2 weeks are Bryce Rue and Callum Davies. Well done to both players for putting in the hard work at training. There has been some solid discussion on who wins this award which reflects the effort being put in at training.

The players are looking good in their training tops and we look like a rugby club, which is fantastic. Some tops are a bit big, but thats the challenge of organising these 2 months before training starts. I say to the players... train hard in the gym and you will grow into your tops. :-).

We have some players joining us from interstate, NZ and NSW Country. We are in need of some furniture plus things like blankets, pots and pans and cutlery etc. We also need to help players with work opportunities and any help would be greatly appreciated. We currently have a local Colt player looking for a 1st year Apprentice Carpenter position. He is super keen and ready to start. Please get in touch with me.

Lastly a rebel Yell to all our Colts players, who have completed their HSC Exams. It’s finally over! We look forward to seeing you at training Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm for a 6.30pm kick off and Saturday at 7am.

Any players who are keen to play please come to a training session and ask for myself or Colts Head Coach Jayson Joerdens. Everyone is welcome, from the player who wants to play with his mates, which is the true spirit of Rugby, to the aspirational player who wants to be part of a high end development rugby program

Yours in Rugby
Keith Holmes

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