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Shire IT saves the day!

Our IT systems have been working super well over the last few years. We have fast broadband, IP Telephony, fairly OK wifi and a network of devices across the club. However we recently had some serious internet connectivity issues that we thought was the NBN getting its hands dirty in the street. Alas it was in fact the perfect storm of things just stopping. Boom. Dead.

We called up Shire IT in Caringbah, who we had been talking to about upgrading our gear. They came down almost on demand, had a look around, did some tests and it turns out we had failed IT everywhere.

Without a second to waste, they had installed temporary equipment, cabling, devices and remote monitoring software enabling them to support us from their offices. 

These guys were very generous and this is simply a shout out to Tom, Garrett, Jack and the team who have helps us out of a bind and have the network running like a screaming eagle.

If your business is based in the Sutherland Shire of St George areas and are looking to get someone to come in and work out how you move forward in the world of IT, then we highly recommend calling them on 1300-744-734 or visit their website here.

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