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Welcome Shire IT to the club

In the middle of the 2019 season, our technology infrastructure was starting to fail and then.... it stopped dead. We called a few people and were pointed toward Caringbah based Shire IT, who had been to a few games in 2019, to come in and see if they could help us.

Within 30 minutes, Tom Hodel, Cronulla local and one of the Shire IT team, was on the scene. He diagnosed the problem, kindly put in some temporary hardware and got our network up and running again. Since that day they have been able to support us remotely from their offices which has certainly been helpful.

In a huge bonus for the club, Shire IT decided they would like to get involved and sponsor us. This means that all of our technology, phone system, internet service and ongoing support, will be handled by Shire IT. With better, faster, stronger and more scalable equipment, combined with new Wi-Fi capability, we will have coverage across the ground, remote monitoring, high speed streaming and all the layers of security an organisation needs to keep its data protected and its volunteers working.

We are also installing new IP telephony, connecting our points of sale to the network, installing some 360° cameras plus getting internet connectivity to the roof top and into our new battle room. 

Shire IT are no strangers to this level of work.

Their local business is an offshoot of RawTech, a city-based information technology and services firm who look after medium, large and enterprise clients across Sydney. If your business is looking to outsource your Information Technology or at least get an expert opinion on how to mitigate risk around data, privacy, networks and cloud based platforms, Shire IT can help you change the way you look at your IT investment. 

Their IT Solutions just work, it's that simple.

Call Tom Hodel on 1300 744 734.

We welcome Shire IT to the Southern Districts Rugby community.

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